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Help and FAQs

For immediate assistance please call 888-777-6578

What is the GMTA Buyers Guide?

The GMTA Buyers Guide is a web-based resource offered by the Georgia Motor Trucking Association for the business needs of its members and constituents. The GMTA Buyers Guide provides an easy way to conduct research and locate companies offering the products and services critical to restaurant and lodging operations.

We hope you bookmark the GMTA Buyers Guide and make it the first stop for all your major purchasing decisions.

Who is the Georgia Motor Trucking Association?

One of the most successful and broad-based trade groups in the trucking industry, the Georgia Motor Trucking Association has been promoting its members’ interest in safety, business and good government since it’s founding in 1934.

It is hard to imagine today, but in that earlier era trucking was a new, paradigm-shifting technology.  It held the promise of creating more personalized, market oriented movements of freight by companies that were more engaged, nimble and responsive than the few railroads that had long controlled cargo.  Independent though they were, those early trucking company entrepreneurs soon discovered that market disruption brought political backlash. Thus GMTA was born of necessity.  If the young industry was to survive and protect all the investments being made and the very qualities that made it so potentially valuable, its leaders would have to band together to ensure their competitors did not have sole access to the halls of power and the growing army of state and federal regulators.

Now, more than 80 years later, the industry has grown from market disrupter to market leader – moving more than 80% of all the freight moved in America – and GMTA has gone from one part-time employee walking the halls of the Georgia state capital to a service-oriented government affairs organization that works in all areas of state and federal government, promotes safety and education programs all year long and provides a spectrum of services to its membership. 

FAQs - Listing my company

How can I list my company, product, or service in the GMTA Buyers Guide?

All companies that provide relevant products and/or services may add their listing by calling 888-777-6578. You may also create a new listing online by clicking here.

Is there a charge to list my company?

A basic listing is available at no charge. There are paid advertising options available that provide you more visibility among the many other companies, products, and services. To learn more about these options click here to visit the media kit.

How can I make changes or ask questions about my existing company listing?

Please call us at 888-777-6578 or 727-498-6518 if dialing internationally.

FAQs - Using the GMTA Buyers Guide

How can I locate relevant companies?

There are two methods to locate companies relevant to your needs.

The most efficient is to utilize the category/sub-category breakdown on the homepage and simply click on the sub-category that most closely relates to your query.

You may also use a keyword or location search to query the entire database of companies. A keyword or location search will pull from all data stored within the guide. You may also further refine your search queries via the category/sub-category drop down menu below the keyword search bar.

How does the RFP/RFI submission tool work?

Certain companies that have elected to include additional information about their products and services have "profile" pages accessible from search results via a "View Profile" link. This link only appears for companies that elect to create a "profile" page. These companies also provide access to an RFP/RFI submittal tool. This tool allows you to send them a request to bid on your business.

The tool requires that you submit your company name, contact information, and a description of products or services for which you are seeking a proposal.

While this tool can be helpful it is always quickest to pick up the phone and call the company directly, but we are happy to offer the RFP/RFI submission tool for your convenience.

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